Get Help to Restore Your Civil Rights

5 facesFREE one-on-one help for adult and juvenile ex-offenders who wish to restore their civil rights and have their cases set aside.**

Did you know, if you have:
  • Paid all your financial obligations
    fines, court costs and restitution;
  • Completed your consequences
    probation, community supervision;
  • Completed other requirements
    treatment and community service
You may be able to remove barriers to:
The application process can be as quick as 15 minutes and takes up to 120 days to process by the court.

pre-register button
You can register for our next Restoration of Rights event where you will receive one-on-one help with the application here. We offer these help sessions on the second Wednesday of each quarter. The events are held at Dress for Success, 1024 E Buckeye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85034.

**Please note: your felony record (s) cannot be expunged, sealed or deleted. Arizona convictions only.

The application to get your rights restored can be downloaded by clicking the above button, and if you need help, please pre-register for our one-on-one help session. If you have Federal charges you can download the full version of the form here.