Building Code Advisory Board


The Board is responsible for determining the suitability of alternate materials or construction methods under the provisions of the Maricopa County Comprehensive Building Safety Code, and reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for adoption of new building codes.


This Board meets on the second Tuesday of months January, April, July and October, at 2:00 p.m.

Annual Meeting Schedule

Department of Planning and Development - Gold Conference Room

301 W. Jefferson Street Phoenix, AZ 85003

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Board Information

The Building Code Advisory Board consists of 7 members appointed by and responsible to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for staggered 4 year terms. The Board consists of 1 licensed architect, estimator, engineer, 1 registered contractor and 3 construction industry tradesmen.

The Building Code Advisory Board elects a chairman and vice-chairman who must be appointed from separate districts. The chairman conducts public hearings according to a modified version of Robert’s Rules of Order. The vice-chairman will conduct the hearing in the chairman’s absence. If both the chairman and vice-chairman are absent, the Board will elect an acting chairman for the purpose of conducting the hearing.

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Current Members

Representation Member Current Term
Licensed Architect Vincent Territo 08/09/2023 - 03/30/2027
Licensed Engineer George Richie 08/09/2023 - 03/30/2027
Licensed General Contractor Tim Gable 08/09/2023 - 03/30/2025
​Plumbing Trades Member
John Kight 06/08/2022 - 03/30/2026
Public Member Tracy Finley 06/23/2021 - 03/30/2025
Building Official Mark Sipes Ex-Officio
  1. Member Qualifications
  2. Duties & Powers
  3. Formation Authority

Member Qualifications

A.R.S. §11-862
  1. Any code adopted pursuant to this article shall contain a provision for an advisory board consisting of at least 5 members in order to determine the suitability of alternative materials and construction and to permit interpretations of the provisions of such code. The advisory board shall consist of at least 5 but not more than 7 members and shall include at least members from the following categories, to the extent the persons meeting the qualifications are available within the county and are residents of such county:
    1. An architect duly licensed in the state of Arizona
    2. A professional engineer duly licensed in the state of Arizona
    3. A general contractor duly licensed in the state of Arizona
    4. A person representing the public and a resident of the county
    5. A person engaged in the electrical, mechanical or plumbing trade
  2. If the advisory board consists of more than five members, the additional members may be engaged in the construction and design industry.
  3. The county official charged with the enforcement of the code shall serve, without vote, as an ex officio member of the board and shall act as secretary.
  4. Each appointee shall have substantial experience in the field covered by the particular code. Except as provided in subsection F of this section, members of the advisory board shall be appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members shall be appointed for a term of 4 years, staggered so that at least 1 but no more that 2 terms expire each year. Vacancies shall be filled for an unexpired term in the manner in which original appointments are required to be made.
  5. The functions and duties of the advisory board may be specified by regulation by the Board of Supervisors.
  6. If the county and a city or town contract to provide for enforcement of codes pursuant to § 11-863, by intergovernmental agreement pursuant to Chapter 7, article 3 of this title, the manner in which appointments are made to the advisory board may be specified in the agreement.
  1. Mark Sipes

    Chief Building Official

  2. Planning & Development

    Physical Address
    301 W. Jefferson St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85003

    Fax 602-506-3601

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