Meeting Types

Formal Meeting

Formal meetings typically occur on Wednesdays and are included on the annual posting notice (PDF). The formal meeting includes action agenda items from the various county departments and districts and often includes items from planning and development.

Agendas that include "Call to the Public" accommodate comments addressed to the Board of Supervisors. A completed Speakers Form  must be submitted to the Clerk before "Call to the Public" begins.

Informal Meeting

Informal meetings typically occur on Mondays and are included on the annual posting notice (PDF). Often this meeting is comprised of presentations to the board but may also include items that require board action.

Special Meeting

Special meetings are announced via a special public notice, which can be found in the meetings and agenda section.

Executive Meeting

The Board of Supervisors and/or the referenced Boards of Directors may vote to recess into executive session for the purpose of obtaining legal advice from the board's attorney on any matter listed on an agenda pursuant to ARS §38-431.03 (a)(3), or for any other matter authorized under ARS §38-431.03, which has been specifically listed on the meeting agenda identifying the statutory basis for executive session consideration. Executive meetings are included on the annual posting notice (PDF) or may be posted as special meetings; however, executive meetings are not open to the public.