Health & Wellness

  1. Birth & Death Certificates

    Gather more information on the storage of and means of procuring vital statistic records such as birth and death certificates.

  2. Family Health

    Locate health and well-being programs and resources geared toward mothers and children.

  3. Food Safety

    The Office of Epidemiology works in collaboration with MCDPH Community Health Nursing, Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services, Arizona Department of Health Services, Maricopa County Medical Examiner, and other entities to investigate and respond to disease outbreaks.

  4. Immunizations

    Immunizations have proven to be the most effective way to stop the spread of disease.

  5. Restaurant Ratings

    Use our online database to search for Maricopa County restaurant ratings by business name, address, or weekly reports.

  6. STD / HIV Testing

    Living with HIV can be challenging, but HIV-positive people find life, love, and happiness in the face of infection.

  7. Swimming Pool Reports

    Browse through our online database for a list of swimming pool reports.