Initiating a VSIMS Record

Once a completed Human Remains Release Form (HRRF) has been faxed to the Maricopa Office of Vital Records and a worksheet (both forms are located in the ‘funeral home resources' link in VSIMS) has been completed with the Informant, the next step is to initiate an electronic death certificate in VSIMS.

Remember to monitor your work queue in VSIMS to see the "Cause of Death (COD) Completed" status for notification that you must next submit a required permit request. If you are a new user or need technical assistance with accessing VSIMS, visit our One Stop Resources page.

Fetal Records

Fetal records are only created by hospital facilities, the Office of the Medical Examiner and the Maricopa OVR and have their own worksheet, worksheets can be found on our One Stop Resources page.

Important Note

When creating a new record there are certain fields in the record that require extra attention:
  • County of Death - Verify the county of death. There are certain cities that are divided by multiple counties.
  • HRRF Check Box - If this box is checked the Maricopa Offic e of Vital Registration has received the form. Please do not manually check this box.
  • Funeral Director's Name - Make sure to choose the Funeral Directors name from the drop down box, do not free text.
  • Date of Death - Make sure to verify that the correct date of death is entered. If this information is incorrect it will impact the remote attestation process.
  • Date of Disposition - Make sure to verify that the date of disposition has been entered.
  • Medical Certifier - From the drop down listing manually locate the medical certifier. If the provider is not listed provide the full name, title and address of the provider certifying the cause of death. If this information is not complete or accurate, this record cannot be registered.
  • Occupation and Industry - This is the Current Handbook (PDF) (revised June 2012) provided by NCHS to help funeral directors complete the occupation and industry fields on a death certificate. It is an indispensable resource for funeral home staff to utilize when working with the families in preparing the death registration worksheet.

Creating a Fetal Death Record in VSIMS

Please complete the Fillable Fetal Death Worksheet (PDF) and complete registration for all death events of a fetus that is more than 20 weeks gestation and is weighs 350 grams or more. The definition of a fetal death is defined in Arizona Statute, A.R.S. § 36-301.

Remember to review the tab, visit our One Stop Resources page for all required permits.

For further training in how to create a Fetal Death record in VSIMS, please contact the State office and review their Training Manual (PDF).