Stop the Spread / Evite El Contagio

Stop the Spread (Color) (PDF)

Stop the Spread Logo - Color

Evite el Contagio (Color) (PDF)

Evite el Contaio Logo - Color

Stop the Spread (Black & White) (PDF)

Stop the Spread Logo - Black and White

Evite el Contagio (Black & White) (PDF)

Evite el Contagio Logo - Black and White

Print Flyers

Cover Your Cough Flyer
Cover Your Cough:
English (PDF)
Español (PDF)
Elderly Flyer
Will You Help Save My Life - Newborn Flyer
Stroke Victim Flyer
Cold or Flu Flyer
Is it a Cold or the Flu? English (PDF)
Español (PDF)
Dont Get the Flu Dont Give the Flu Flyer


Historic Videos

Videos in this section contain information, guidance or recommendations that are no longer up-to-date. MCDPH continues to make this content available for historical reference here in this section.

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