Engineering Design

Engineering design reviews are performed as part of the approval process for projects that involve the construction or remodeling of public and semi-public pools, wading pools or special use pools, spas and artificial bathing lakes. 

Rules & Regulations

The purpose of an engineering design review is to validate that the design of a project complies with all relevant codes and appropriate design standards. Public and semi-public pools, wading pools or special use pools, spas and artificial bathing lakes are governed by a number of rules and regulations. 

Reference Tool

To assist you to obtain approval for designs that include commonly submitted pool and spa features that are not addressed in the regulations, the Department has posted a Reference Tool (PDF). The document provides design guidance for a list of features that can be approved in plan review without a variance, and features that can be approved through a time-saving, direct appeal variance process. It also lists features that must be submitted through the formal variance process. Typical stipulations are included for each variance.

Review Criteria

Project documentation submittals are reviewed using the following criteria:
  • Engineering Calculations and Design Data - Reviewed to verify equipment sizes and process design parameters.
  • Design Drawings - Reviewed for issues related to public health or safety, compliance with the rules and regulations, proper operations and maintenance, code requirements and good engineering practice.
  • Technical Specifications - Reviewed in conjunction with the design drawings to verify design adequacy.
  • Reports and Other Documentation - Used as reference information to validate equipment sizing and performance and other design parameters.
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