Color Sample & Finish Approvals

Statutory Overview

The pool shall be constructed of materials that are rigid, nontoxic, smooth, free from cracks, easily cleanable and finished in white, pastel or other light colors. The color, pattern or finish of the interior of a public or semipublic swimming pool or spa shall not obscure objects, surfaces within the swimming pool or spa, debris, sediment or algae.

Approved Interior Surface Colors and Finish Materials

The Department maintains a list and sample library of Approved Pool Surface Colors (PDF) other than white, and materials other than plaster. Samples may be inspected at the Department's office.

The Department will approve color/finish combinations from the posted list. Applicants are cautioned that the Department cannot know if manufacturers/suppliers change colors and/or product names due to differences in source material, reformulation, etc. The Department's final inspection approval will be based the sample on file. The applicant may submit one 6 inch by 6 inch sample for the Department to use to verify that the planned finish color matches the approved sample.

Procedure to Add Color or Finish to Department List

Complete the application (PDF) and provide four 6 inch by 6 inch color samples. The sample will be evaluated by the Department and approved or rejected within 5 days. Approved colors will be added to the Department list. There is no charge for the evaluation.


The Department's evaluation is based on the above Code requirements. Dark colors and dark inclusions may hide debris, sediment or algae and impede swimmer rescue. If the Department disapproves the sample, the applicant may submit a variance application for consideration by the Swimming Pool Advisory Committee. A variance application fee is required.
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