Approval to Remodel

Approval To Remodel/Approval Of Remodel approvals must be obtained for a project that:
  • Modifies an existing public or semi-public pool, wading pool or special use pool, spa or artificial bathing lake.
  • Changes the use of an existing semi-public swimming pool, spa or bathing lake to a public swimming pool, spa or bathing lake.
Note: Changing the use of an existing private residential swimming pool, spa or bathing lake to public or semi-public use requires approval of plans and new Approval of Construction.


The review and approval of a typical project of this type usually occurs in four distinct phases:
  1. An application form and design drawings identifying the remodeling work are submitted for review and approval. If the remodeling is extensive or complex then engineering calculations and design data, technical specifications, reports and other documentation may be required to be submitted for review. When the review is complete an Approval To Remodel is issued to allow remodeling of the pool, spa or bathing lake to commence.
  2. Remodeling of the pool, spa or bathing lake proceeds. A number of construction inspections are conducted in the field as different phases of the construction work is completed.
  3. When remodeling of the pool, spa or bathing lake is complete and all field construction inspections have been successfully passed, the contractor submits a Construction Certification Letter. A final construction inspection is then performed. When the final construction inspection has been successfully passed an Approval Of Remodel is issued.
  4. After an Approval Of Remodel is issued an operation and maintenance compliance inspection is scheduled. When the compliance inspection is successfully passed the existing operating permit is amended to include the remodel information and is reissued.

Time Frame

The pool, spa or bathing lake may be used immediately once the Approval Of Remodel has been issued. The remodel approval will serve as a temporary operating permit until the compliance inspection has been completed and the existing operating permit has been amended and reissued.

Existing Pool, Spa, or Bathing Lake

If an existing pool, spa or bathing lake is submitted for a change of use and the change of use requires new construction then the Swimming Pools Program may require, at its discretion, that the project be submitted for an Approval To Construct rather and an Approval To Remodel approval.

Application & Instructions

The Approval To Remodel application and instruction form packet, including the Construction Certification Letter, can be found on the Forms/Applications page.