General Permit Information

The General Permit program offers an alternative to regular permits and simplifies the process for authorizing operation of qualified sources. General permit applications are available on the Forms and Applications page.
The Authority to Operate under a General Permit is issued for the following types of sources. Select each source to view the permit conditions.

General Permit Expiration Dates

General Permit Source Expiration Date
Asphalt Kettle 02/28/2025
Crematory 01/31/2022
Dry Cleaning 01/16/2026
Fuel Burning 08/04/2024
Gasoline Dispensing 11/03/2023
Graphic Arts 05/03/2022
Stationary Dust-Generating Source 07/31/2022
Stationary Emergency Internal Combustion Engine 04/10/2026
Surface Coating and/or Abrasive Blasting Operations 06/14/2025
Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Refinishing 09/13/2024
Wastewater Treatment Plant 08/31/2026
Woodworking Operations 05/24/2023

​Page reviewed 13 December 2021