1. What is WIC?

WIC stands for Women Infants and Children. This program is funded by USDA since 1974. WIC serves women who are pregnant, are breastfeeding an infant up to one year old plus infants and children up to the age of 5.

2. What are the qualifications to apply for the program?

You must live in Arizona and fall under certain income requirements. Many of our participants have never needed services before but during these tough economic times have lost jobs, their savings and now need help to get them over the hump until they can get back on their feet. Moms that have master's degrees or families that once made six figures but lost everything in the down market are now coming to WIC.
Qualifying children can be cared for by grandparents, single dads, aunts, uncles or other family members or foster parents (i.e. does not have to be birth mother or birth father).

3. Is WIC a welfare program?

WIC is not a welfare or entitlement program. It is a health and nutrition program. WIC's primary goal is to provide tools for families to eat healthy and be healthy. It encourages physical activity for all family members through the Fit WIC classes and provides individualized nutrition counseling which meets an individual' s or family's needs.

4. What kinds of food can someone get who is on WIC?

Fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy products, whole grain cereals, breads, salmon/tuna for breastfeeding mothers and jarred baby foods for are just some of the healthy foods offered on the WIC program.

5. What other programs does WIC offer?

WIC also provides individualized Breastfeeding Peer Counseling support, group education and breastfeeding support groups to help new mothers be successful with starting breastfeeding in the hospital and continue to exclusively breastfeed even when going to school or returning to work.

6. What are WIC's confidentiality policies?

WIC has very stringent Confidentiality policies. No one is informed of someone participating on WIC unless the participant asks us to share the information with their doctor or other person identified by the participant.

7. What does WIC do with client information?

All data collected is anonymous (not tied to a particular person). Data is used by the Center for Disease Control to track health indicators in communities throughout the United States. The data also provides justification to Congress to continue funding the program (i.e. improved birth outcomes, lowered obesity rates from eating healthier foods and increasing physical activity, etc).

8. Where do I sign up?

Maricopa County WIC Program has several clinics which are conveniently located throughout the Valley. Our sites are family friendly, warm and inviting, with friendly staff that are ready to meet your needs. You can request a WIC appointment online or you may call 602-506-9333 to speak directly with a member of our staff.

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