Consumer Confidence Reports

Most Public Water Systems in Maricopa County are required to provide customers an annual document known as a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This report is made available in July of each year and contains information and data on water quality for the previous year. For links to water systems that maintain water quality information on line please refer to the Water Quality/Consumer Confidence Reports section on the Resources page.

The CCR gives customers a written summary of the compliance sampling in the past year and information on any violations that may have occurred. Most consumer questions regarding water quality will be answered in this report. For questions or concerns not addressed by the CCR contact your water system directly.

Not all water systems in Maricopa County are required to produce a Consumer Confidence report. Please contact your local water provider if your particular water system is not listed above or you wish to obtain a hard copy of the Consumer Confidence report. The Drinking Water Program does not have copies of Consumer Confidence Reports for distribution to the public.

If you are responsible for preparing the CCR for a Public Water System, please refer to the Environmental Protection Agency's Consumer Confidence Reports page or the EPA's Consumer Confidence Reports Writer Software web page for information and assistance.