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Fairs and Special Events

Maricopa County Stormwater Quality Program provides stormwater pollution educational and informational opportunities for homeowner associations, businesses, and community events through an interactive Watershed Pollution EnviroScape model and other hands-on games/activities. Our staff will come to your meeting or event and demonstrate the local impacts of stormwater pollution on our county's water resources. Contact program staff for information and scheduling.

Just for Educators

The Goal

The goal of the Stormwater Quality Outreach Program is to raise awareness of stormwater runoff, offer solutions to runoff pollution, and to protect our drinking and recreational water.

Let Us Come to You

Our outreach staff are available to deliver hands-on stormwater quality programs directly to your school, library, community center, or other educational venue within Maricopa County.


  • We offer free presentations to all Kindergarten through 8th grade students within Maricopa County.
  • All programs are 45 minutes in length with 30 students maximum.
  • Programs must be scheduled two weeks in advance and are based on availability.
  • Outreach programs are scheduled in 1 hour blocks to allow for set-up and breakdown.
  • A teacher or adult staff member from the school site must be present at all times.
  • Clean Water Students Help Brochure (PDF)

Classroom Workshops

  • Adventures with Sam the Salamander
  • Kindergarten, 45-minute workshop
  • 30 students maximum
Participants will go on an adventure with Sam the Salamander as he travels downstream in a river. Sam swims through some "bad things" called pollutants. Students will participate in helping Sam make it safely downstream and discuss ways to help him on his next adventure.

Be Watershed Wise

  • Grades 1-2, 45-minute workshop
  • 30 students maximum
Students will discover just how much of the earth is covered by water. Participants will create their own watershed, learn about different pollutants, see how pollution accumulates in our water sources, and find out how to prevent it.

Keeping it Clean

  • Grades 3-4, 45-minute workshop
  • 30 students maximum
Students will investigate water pollution through an interactive demonstration of an Enviroscape model. At the end of the workshop, students will be able to answer the following questions: Where is our water? How does our water become polluted? Let's learn to keep our water clean together!

The Peril of Impervious Surfaces

  • Grades 5-6, 45-minute workshop
  • 30 students maximum
Through hands-on experiments, students will work in teams to create an urban runoff model. They will explore the speed and volume of stormwater runoff in rural and urban areas. Further experimentation will lead to solutions to help prevent urban flooding.

Water Detectives Grades

  • 7-8, 45-minute workshop
  • 30 students maximum
Working in groups, students will become detectives. By performing various tests on a water sample collected at the "pollution crime scene," the detectives will learn the different pollutants we create, how they affect our water supply, and try to discover the source of the water pollution. Do you know who did it? Can you prevent further water pollution crimes?

How to Schedule a Classroom Visit

It's easy! To make a reservation for your class:
  1. Fill out the Outreach Request Form (PDF)
  2. Contact the Maricopa County Stormwater Quality Program

Additional Information

For more information about our outreach programs, please call 602-689-2369.

Stormwater Activities & Games

Download the Stormwater Activity Book (PDF).