Food Service Worker Training

Maricopa County requires all food employees to receive food safety training.  The person in charge at the food establishment is responsible for ensuring food employees are properly trained.

Steps to get a Food Employee Certificate (Formerly Food Handler's Card)

  1. Click on this link to select an ANSI-accredited online provider (recommend asking the person in charge of the food service business which training(s) they accept/prefer)
  2. Take the training and test online
  3. Once you've successfully completed the test you'll get a certificate from the online provider (not from Maricopa County)
  4. Provide your employer with a copy of your certificate.
*****Maricopa County is no longer issuing Food Handler Cards*****

Certificate/Card Expiration

All Food Employee Certificates/existing cards expire three years from the issue date. 

Lost your Certificate?  How to obtain a copy of your certificate/card

  1. Contact the online provider (the place you took the test) and ask them for a copy
  2. Maricopa County does not have copies of certificates or cards
  3. If you do not remember where you originally took the test, you'll need to follow the steps above to obtain a new certificate.

Already have a Food Service Worker Card/Certificate or Identification Card from another County within the State of Arizona?

Maricopa County accepts:
  1. A valid Food Employee certificate, or identification card, issued by another county within the State of Arizona; or
  2. A valid Food Employee certificate of successful completion of a third party food handler training course that meets all State of Arizona requirements, including compliance with the American National Standards Institute/ASTM International Standard E2659-09 (ANSI).

Información en Español

Cambios al Programa de Trabajador de Servicio de Alimentos (PDF)