Mosquito Prevention

What You Can Do

Get Rid of All Standing Water on Your Premises

Discard unnecessary containers, including old tires, that may catch and hold water. Drain horse troughs, bird baths, small ponds, etc., weekly or add mosquito fish (available free from Maricopa County Vector Control, contact for availability) to any permanent body of water. Repair any water leak, hose, sprinkler system, or cooler that may cause water to pond.

Control Your Irrigation

Fill low spots and level your yard or pasture. Don't over irrigate. Water should never stand more than three days, even in tree wells. Ditches and culverts should be designed to drain out when not in use.

Ditch banks and tailwater ponds should be kept free of vegetation and floating debris. If underground irrigation system does not drain, prevent mosquito entrance by closing valves and providing tight covers or screens on standpipes between irrigations.


Close septic tanks tightly. Be sure that the clean out plug or inspection hatch is not open even a crack. Drain unused coolers, water closets, wading pools or any unused equipment that may be holding water accessible to mosquitoes.

Conduct a Backyard Checklist

Learn how to conduct a Backyard Checklist.