Responsibility for Mosquito Control

Maricopa County Health Code

Everyone is responsible for eliminating and preventing mosquito breeding on their property. Chapter 111, Regulation 2 of the Maricopa County Health Code states:
  • All mosquitoes must have water to complete their life cycle.
  • Stagnant water left from monsoon rains can increase mosquito activity.
  • Rain and irrigation water can produce hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes if larva are allowed to stand as little as three days.
  • In areas where ponding cannot be prevented, the water can be treated within 24 to 48 hours to kill the developing mosquitoes before the biting adults can start emerging.

How to Eliminate Breeding

Here are a few tips from Maricopa County's Vector Control program on what you can do to eliminate mosquito breeding.
  • Drain animal watering troughs, bird baths, pet watering dishes, etc. weekly.
  • Repair water leaks, sprinkler systems or coolers that cause water to pond.
  • Remove vegetation and floating debris in and around ponds and stagnant swimming pools to limit breeding potential. Also, you may want to consider adding mosquito-eating fish called gambusias. The fish are available free of charge from the Vector Control office. Just call at 602-506-0700 to schedule a pickup time.
  • Fill in low spots, control the irrigation in your yard or pastures, and drain standing water from buckets and other containers that can collect water on your property.