Dust Sources, Control and Training

Agricultural Dust

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department does not address dust complaints resulting from agricultural sources. Complaints about dust from agricultural sources should be submitted to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) by using their Online Complaint Form.

ADEQ also offers a compliance assistance program for commercial farmers to ensure compliance with laws and rules that address air quality standards within the Maricopa County PM10 non-attainment area.

Dust Control

There are three types of sites or activities governed by Maricopa County dust control regulations. If you have any questions about whether your site or activities are covered by these regulations, please call 602-506-6010.

Dust control certifications are required in order to engage in many dust-generating activities. Visit our Dust Control Training page to learn more, or to find out if you need dust control certification.
  1. Rule 310
  2. Rule 310.01
  3. Rule 316

Dust Control Permit Application Submission

Follow the Online Dust Control Permit Application steps to obtain, complete and submit your dust control application online.

You may also submit the paperwork in person by following these steps.

Traditional Dust-Generating Activities (Rule 310)

Any activity capable of generating fugitive dust (such as construction, earthmoving, demolition, or weed abatement), regardless of the size of the site, must comply with Rule 310 and control potential dust.

In addition, a Dust Control Permit is required by Rule 310 (PDF) for many types of sites, such as:
  • Activities that will disturb a surface area equal to or greater than 0.1 acre
  • Bulk material handling
  • The demolition of buildings
For more information, consult the Dust Abatement Handbook (PDF). You can also watch the Construction Dust Control Video (available in English and Spanish versions).

Page reviewed 23 May 2019