Influenza (Flu)

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The flu virus often leads to high hospitalization rates in the winter months and taxes our healthcare system. With COVID-19 circulating in our community, it’s critical that we prevent as many hospitalizations we can, which we know flu vaccine does very effectively. 

Now is the time to get your flu vaccine for the season. Your body takes 2 weeks to develop antibodies so you want to get it before flu is circulating widely in Maricopa County. Getting the vaccine means you have a lower chance of getting the flu and passing it to others, including those who are at higher risk for severe symptoms. If you do get the flu when you’ve had the flu vaccine, it tends to milder and you are much less likely to be hospitalized. Fewer hospitalized cases means less strain on our healthcare system when we still have COVID-19 circulating.  

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Our three childhood immunization clinics around Maricopa County now have the flu shot free for anyone 6 months through 18 years of age! Please call ahead to ensure vaccine is available.

Get free downloadable materials like flyers and posters to help stop the spread of flu!

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