Influenza (Flu)

Why Your Flu Shot Matters Now More Than Ever

With COVID-19 and flu circulating at the same time, getting a flu shot will help provide you with added protection against viral illness. Getting the vaccine means you have a lower chance of getting the flu and passing it to others, including those who are at higher risk for getting hospitalized or dying. This reduces strain on our healthcare system and preserves precious resources needed to battle COVID-19. The flu vaccine is safe and effective. Take control of your health and help protect others, too. 

Where to Get a Flu Shot

Many health insurance plans cover flu shots as part of a wellness plan. Check with your provider for coverage. Flu vaccine can be found at area pharmacies, community health clinics, and many providers. Below are some additional resources for low cost/free flu shots. Check their website or call for the latest information.

  • Community Health Centers accept most insurance and also offer the uninsured a sliding scale for services provided, including flu shots. Call the Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers (AACHC) at 602-253-0090 to locate a community health center near you.

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Information for Providers