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The Maricopa County Air Quality Department Business Assistance Unit provides information and technical assistance to business owners related to air quality rules and regulations. We offer courtesy site visits and on-site training, rule interpretation and education, and a formal case review process for violations.

Courtesy Site Visits, Resources, and Training

A courtesy site visit is an opportunity to identify potential areas of non-compliance at a permitted facility without conducting a formal compliance inspection. No violations are issued from courtesy site visits; rather, businesses are urged to make corrections or adjustments to their practices in order to achieve compliance with department regulations. Any current air quality permit holder may request a courtesy site visit by contacting the Business Assistance Unit. 

In addition to courtesy site visits, the Business Assistance Unit provides in-depth training sessions and resources that are related to specific industries, processes, and/or equipment. This typically takes the form of a sit-down/virtual meeting or a presentation for the facility that requested the training. Industry-specific flyers, record keeping templates, and training videos are available on our Business Assistance Resources page, and also by request. Please note the Rule 310 Dust Control Training is offered by the Compliance Division, not the Business Assistance Unit.

Rule Interpretation and Education

In order to help facilities understand their obligations under the air quality rules and regulations, the Business Assistance Unit offers rule education and guidance. This helps regulated facilities understand how specific rules apply to their facilities and how future changes to their business may be impacted by air quality regulations. 

Enforcement Case Review

In the event that an Opportunity to Correct (OTC) or a Notice of Violation (NOV) is issued during an inspection, the permit holder has the option to request an Enforcement Case Review. During a case review, the Business Assistance Unit conducts an independent and objective review of the violation and makes a recommendation to the department to affirm, modify, or rescind the violation. An Enforcement Case Review may be requested by completing the Enforcement Case Review Form

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