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Open Enrollment is from April 16 - May 11

This year Open Enrollment is passive. If you do not make any changes to your current coverage, most of your elections will automatically carry over to Plan Year 2018-2019. There are exceptions. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) require an annual contribution amount. If you want to participate in an FSA for 2018, you will need to make your elections in the ADP Portal.

The Open Enrollment web page contains information to help you choose the benefits that are best for you and your family. You can compare the premiums and the medical deductibles, copays, coverage, etc. The Open Enrollment Guide provides an overview of your benefits and can help you navigate the Open Enrollment process.

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Magellan Webinar

Mental Health Awareness: What You Need to Know
Wednesday, May 9
11:00-12:00 pm 

Learn the difference between mental health and mental illness and how to recognize the warning signs. Help yourself or others with mental health issues and gain resources for promoting mental health.

Sign up here: Mental Health Awareness

Employee Benefits

Maricopa County is committed to providing affordable, quality, health benefits to employees and their families.

This website provides access to benefits information 24/7. Find a health care provider, view a summary of benefits, download forms, and access vendor's websites. View an Overview of Benefits (PDF).

Learn more about the Benefits Board of Trustees.