Pet Services & Resources

We offer pet health service events and resources to the community at a reduced cost to help keep pets healthy and happy while reducing the number of animals that end up in shelters.

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Dog License


Dog licenses are an important way to identify and locate your pet if they get lost. Licenses must be renewed yearly and start at just $19.

Dog License

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Our Rabies Vaccination clinics are available to the dogs over 3 months old belonging to current residents of Maricopa County ONLY. Fees will be assessed at the time of your visit, including the rabies vaccine fee ($25) and licensing fee ($22 for sterilized pets, $55 for intact pets).



In addition to helping reduce our community's pet homelessness problem, studies have shown that spayed/neutered pets are typically healthier, less territorial and less aggressive.

Dog License

Animal Surrender

Pet Surrenders

At MCACC, we recognize that giving up a family pet is never an easy decision, but we know that sometimes it may feel like you have no other option. Since our primary mission is to serve the lost and homeless pets of Maricopa County, we allow residents of the county to surrender their pets to the shelter by appointment only.


We are dedicated to keeping people and pets together. Below you will find low-cost and free resources on a variety of topics to help keep your pets happy and healthy in your care.