Maricopa County is committed to creating a work environment that is comfortable and efficient for County employees. Our ergonomics program involves providing employees with the information and tools they need to assess their practices and work environment, as well as providing training in sound ergonomics principles.

Ergo Classes

Maricopa County employees are encouraged to take available ergonomics trainings to learn how to prevent or relieve back discomfort and maintain a healthy posture. Elements of training include the following:
  • Back Anatomy
  • Common Back Injuries
  • Exercises and Stretches
  • How to Maintain Proper Posture
Employees can check the TheHub for available courses. 


How do you know if your work posture and work station is "ergonomically correct?" Take the Ergonomic Self-Assessment (PDF) now!


Additional Information

Employees with ADA related ergonomic requests may access the Employee Relations pages on MyMC for additional information on submitting an ADA request. Employees may also contact the County's ADA/FMLA Analyst directly at (602)506-5570 or indirectly by calling the Employee Relations Division at (602)506-4811.