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Maricopa County's Wellness Works program supports and encourages a healthy workforce by providing programs and resources to help employees maintain or improve their health.


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Wellness Clinic and Pharmacy
Health Center: 480-347-4791
Pharmacy: 602-283-9925

The Great American Adventure  | October 12-November 9 

Get ready to hit the road! You and your team will walk coast to coast, discovering American sites and cities along the way. 

Register on the Wellness Portal starting September 28. Click on the “Challenges” tab to get started.

  • It’s a team challenge. Your team can have 2-5 members. 
  • You can track your steps manually or sync with a tracker.
  • You will need to track at least once a week for the duration of the Challenge to earn credit for one “Your Choice” activity.
Graphic of the US for Great American Adventure 48 states

Walk this Way Webinar | October 13, 14, 15 | 12:00-12:30 pm

It's getting cooler outside! Now is the time to start or step up your walking routine. This webinar will discuss the benefits of walking and tips and tricks to keep you motivated. You'll also learn ways to use the new Wellness Portal to track your progress and challenge yourself and coworkers.

Getting quality sleep is critically important to your health. Lack of sleep not only makes you tired, but can affect your mood, hormones, weight, memory, and overall ability to recover..

Register here.

Other activities to keep you moving in October: 

Flu Shot Graphic 2020

Get Your Flu Shot

This year, with COVID-19, it’s even more important to do everything possible to prevent illness and conserve health care resources. That’s why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends getting a flu vaccine to protect against flu viruses. The County is making it easy for you and your dependents age 18 and older to get immunized by offering free flu shots at various worksite locations starting in September. All flu shots will be preservative-free and cover four strains of the virus: H1N1, H3N2, and 2 B strains from the Yamagata and Victoria lineage. 

You do not have to be enrolled in a County-sponsored plan to get your flu shot. Just register and schedule an appointment. Here are some tips to help you prepare: 

  • An appointment is required for employees and dependents
  • Wear a mask and short sleeve shirt to your appointment
  • Bring your employee ID card and completed Vaccine Administration Record (VAR) to your appointment
  • Cancel your appointment if you feel sick

September is Sleeptember

Getting quality sleep is critically important to your health. Lack of sleep not only makes you tired, but can affect your mood, hormones, weight, memory, and overall ability to recover.

Here are some resources to help you get better sleep:

     September is Sleeptember September is SleeptemberSeptember is Sleeptember September is Sleeptember September is Sleeptember September is Sleeptember Here are some resources to help you get better sleep: September is Sleeptember  September is Sleeptember September is SleeptemberSeptember is Sleeptember September is Sleeptember

  • Sleeptember Bingo!
    Complete this card with sleep-related activities to help you get to/stay asleep.
  • Sleep Guide 
    Track 20 or more days of sleep in a month on the Wellness Portal with an approved activity tracker and you could earn credit towards your Wellness Reward.
  • Sleep Journey and/or Telephonic Coaching
    Improve your sleep habits through self-directed coaching (Journeys) and/or telephonic health coaching through the Wellness Portal.
Moon stars and dark sky mountains for Sleeptember

Virtual Exercise Classes | September - October

WELCOAZ instructors Michelle and Justin continue to offer virtual exercise classes in September-October. Here’s the schedule and class descriptions.To register, click on the tab for the day of the week, then click on the link to register for the class(es).

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday

11:30-12:00 am
Chair Yoga | Michelle
Register here

12:00-12:30 pm
Multi-Level Yoga | Michelle
Register here

Wellness Portal!

Your Wellness Portal is where you’ll go to elevate your health and wellness and earn your Wellness Reward of $60/month! Register here. Call 866-941-2143 with questions.

The activities required to earn your Wellness Reward include completing a Health Check Survey (health assessment), and two “Your Choice” activities.

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  • LA Fitness memberships at reduced rates for County employees and their familiesWellness Banner
  • Onsite Fitness Centers with free memberships at various County locations
  • Wellness Clinic & Pharmacy (301 W. Jefferson St. location) for employees to visit with a nurse practitioner, or pick up a prescription
  • Weight Watchers at Work reimbursement for employees who meet program requirements
  • Wellness campaigns offered throughout the year (Bike to Work Day, Fitness Walk, etc.)
  • A  Wellness Incentive ($60.00/month) to help employees reduce the cost of their medical premium

Detailed information about these programs can be found on the County’s Intranet, (MyMC) on the Wellness Works page.