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Registration of a Home Birth

Important Update!

The State of Arizona recently revised the rules that govern vital records.  Please read carefully as information has changed.  And, feel free to drop by and meet with us at one of our four offices.  We are here for you!


Our team of professional Registrars will assist you step-by-step in the registration of the birth of your child born at home or in a location other than a licensed birthing facility or hospital.

Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with our office to register the home birth event within 7 days of the birthing event or as soonest possible up to 1 year of the live birth.

Information and Documents ...

At your visit to our office, you will meet one of our experienced Registrars and document the events of the birth. Once the required information is verified, the new birth will be registered and certified copies of the birth certificate will be available for you to purchase.

Where to Go and Best Times to Meet ...

We have four convenient locations around the valley to meet with you.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. however, we recommend strongly that you plan your time as best possible and allow at least an hour to arrive prior to closing.

Additional Considerations ...

Please read the information in this section and the FAQs thoroughly so you may be prepared to complete your new child's home birth registration. 

And, allow time if the birthing information provided to the Office of Vital Registration was incomplete or needs to be completed and/or verified.

We Look Forward to Serving You and Recording Your Baby's Birth!


Have additional questions or just not sure how to proceed?  Please come into one of our four office locations and we will be happy to meet with you and assist you with the registration process.

Thank you!