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Helpful Cleaning Tips

(Information obtained from Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA), Handbook for Skill Development, Massachusetts Department of Social Services – click here to visit website)

Wet kitchen floor
  • The easiest way to clean a room or apartment is to first put everything away where it belongs. (If you are just moving into an apartment, it will be much easier to do your cleaning before you move your furniture and belongings in.)
  • Wash and dry the dishes and put them away. (Load the dishwasher if you have one.)
  • Wipe off the table and counter tops with a sponge.
  • Put your clothes in the closet or drawers, remembering to sort those items that need to be washed or dry cleaned.
  • Make the beds. If the sheets need to be changed, wash them.
  • Dust your wooden furniture using a cloth and furniture polish.
  • Use a damp cloth in place of furniture polish for non-wood surfaces.
  • Vacuum your rugs/floors.
  • You should sweep the kitchen floor, however, and then wash it.
  • Using a sponge and soapy water, clean the top of the stove. Be certain that the burners are off while you are cleaning.
  • Clean the mirrors using paper towels.
  • Empty your wastebaskets and take out the garbage.

Less Frequent Tasks

Cleaning supplies
  • Using a sponge or damp cloth and soapy water, clean the inside of the refrigerator.
  • If you do not have a "frost-free" refrigerator, you will also have to defrost the freezer every two or three months, or according to the appliance maintenance directions.
  • Clean the oven when it is cold. Make sure the oven setting is on "off." Use a damp sponge to wipe it out. Newer ovens may be self-cleaning; check for directions inside the door.
  • Try to become familiar with some of the various cleaning products on the market. There are many!
  • One cleaning product may be more expensive than another, but it is not necessarily better. Shop wisely.

Cleaning the Bathroom

  • Using a cleaning product and sponge, clean the sink, tub, and tiles.
  • Always use a separate sponge or brush to clean the toilet bowl. Wash the floor. If you have a scatter rug in the bathroom, don't forget to wash it too.
  • Put out fresh towels and washcloths.

Congratulations! You have a neat and clean home.

Every six months or so you should plan to really clean your whole apartment - curtains, windows bedspreads, blankets, walls, etc. Some people call this "spring cleaning."