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How much do you know About Drugs?

(Information obtained from Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA), Handbook for Skill Development, Massachusetts Department of Social Services – click here to visit website)

Some meals you can probably cook without following a recipe. For others, particularly dishes and meals that are new to you, you might want to follow written directions. In order to be able to follow recipes, you will need to be familiar with weights and measurements. Utilize the following exercise to test your knowledge.

True or False (click the gray boxes to reveal the answer)

  1.  True Alcohol is a drug.
  2.  True Marijuana can cause a decrease in the male hormone, testosterone, and lower sperm production.
  3.  True Marijuana is psychologically addictive.
  4.  False Black coffee will help sober up a person who is drunk.
  5.  False Experimenting with "coke" for the first time is not dangerous.
  6.  True Sniffing glue, paint thinner, or other deliriants can cause serious brain damage.
  7.  True Frequent use of "coke" by injection can produce "coke bugs" - the sensation that insects or snakes are crawling under the skin.
  8.  True "Angel dust" is actually an animal tranquilizer.
  9.  True THC (the main chemical in marijuana) stays in the body for about one month after use.
  10.  True Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause birth defects in the unborn baby.