2008 Holiday Safety Tips

November and December are Holiday time!

Safety Hazards

v Don’t overload electrical circuits

v If you have a fireplace, woodstove or use gas logs/furnace, make sure you have an operable UL approved carbon monoxide detector


v Turn off electric candles and decorative lighting before going to sleep

v Inspect all electrical equipment before use

v Use the proper size and type light bulbs in decorative lighting

v Spread sand or salt on icy walkways

Fire Hazards

v Place candles in holders that will not tip

v Keep candles, Yule logs, Menorahs, and Kinaras away from drapes, trees or potentially
    flammable objects

v Extinguish candles before leaving home or going to sleep

v Have a professional check your fireplace and chimney every year. Soot buildup leads to house fires

v Use kindling and wooden matches to light fires – not flammable liquids

v Always use a fire screen

v Be sure the chimney flue is open before lighting a fire and closed only when you are sure the fire is completely out

Holiday Traveling

v Give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going

v Make sure your vehicle is in good repair

v If you drink… don’t drive

v Always use safety belts and child safety seats

v Maintain a safe distance between vehicles

v Get a good night’s sleep before traveling

v Avoid eating heavy meals, as this can lead to sleepiness

v In case you encounter inclement weather, carry an emergency kit that contains:


First-aid supplies, Blankets, Flashlight with spare batteries, Flares, A shovel, Quick-energy foods, nutrition bars, or dried fruits and nuts, Sand, salt or cat litter for traction

Food Preparation and Consumption

v Keep all cookware, utensils, preparation areas, and your hands clean

v Refrigerate foods that require cold storage

v If food needs to be chilled during serving, place the dish on a bed of ice

v Keep foods that need to stay warm on a hot plate or  in an oven at a temperature no lower than 110º F.

v Use a thermometer when cooking meats to be sure inner sections reach the right temperature

v Leftovers shouldn't be left out more than two hours, and they should be sliced small enough for refrigerator air to penetrate and cool the meat.

At holiday time it is easy to over-indulge! Here are some tips to help you keep those extra holiday pounds off.

v Limit your calorie, fat and sugar intake over the course of the holiday season

v Limit your alcohol and caffeine consumption

v Bring food dishes and beverages to parties that give you and your children healthy alternatives

v Keep up some form of exercise during the holidays

v Limit the number of activities you attend

v Conserve on your energy resources

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!


For additional information, contact the Maricopa County Risk Management Safety Office at (602) 506-8601.

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