August 2008 Safety Tip

Home Safety

1. Smoke detectors: Are they working properly? Heat in the summer can take their toll on batteries. Take a few minutes to inspect yours, and replace older batteries. A working smoke detector gives you and your family extra time to get out of your house if there is a fire.

2. Fire extinguishers: Do you even have them in your home? You should have a 2-1/2 pound ‘ABC’ extinguisher in the house which can be used on all types of fires and can be purchased at any hardware store. You should keep it in a very accessible location, and know how to use it. ‘Easy-to-read’ instructions are on the extinguisher. And if you do have one, have you checked the gauge to insure that it is charged and can be used? There are several places that you can get them recharged, if necessary,. Check the "yellow pages" of you phone book under "fire" for the dealer nearest you.

3. Household escape plan: Do you and your family members know what to do and where the nearest exit is should a fire occur in you home? Regular fire drills are important and knowing what procedures to follow can save your lives.

4. Fireplaces: Do you use yours, particularly with the cooler weather just around the corner (yes, we know it’s hot out there now, but just wait!)? Have you cleaned the flue, checked for cracks in the chimney, and checked the damper? Checking and cleaning now can prevent a fire from erupting in the chimney and causing it to spread to the rest of the house.