April 2008 Safety Tip

Fire Safety

Smoke Alarms

How about your smoke alarm, when was the last time you changed the battery (s)? You should test your smoke alarm(s) once a month. By checking your smoke alarm every month you will know if someone borrows the smoke detector batteries for their remote control. You will also know that your alarm is still working.

Replace smoke alarm batteries at least once a year. If you notice a chirping noise, it is your smoke alarm telling you it is time to change the batteries.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense in case of a fire. Know the location of the closest fire extinguisher. Do not try to use a fire extinguisher unless you have been trained in its use. Learn which fire extinguisher to use.

Class A Fire Extinguisher - Is used on wood, paper, cloth, cardboard and most ordinary combustibles.

Class B Fire Extinguisher - Is used on flammable liquids, such as oils, solvents, greases and gases.

Class C Fire Extinguisher - Is used on energized electrical equipment (connected to a power source) such as electrical boxes, microwave oven, coffee pot or toaster. Never use water on this kind of fire.

Class D Fire Extinguisher - Is used on combustible metals.

How To Use A Portable Fire Extinguisher

P = Pull the pin.

A = Aim extinguisher nozzle at the base of the flames.

S = Squeeze trigger while holding the extinguisher upright.

S = Sweep the extinguisher from side to side, covering the area of the fire with extinguisher contents.

In Case Of Fire

Report It! - Report the fire immediately no matter what size of the fire.

Fight It! - If a fire is small, and you have an safe exit, you may try to fight it after you report it.

Escape It! - If the fire is large escape is your best choice.