June 2010 Safety Tip

Relocatable Power Taps (RPTs)

Also known as “power strips,” “strip plugs,” and “surge suppressors,” these devices were developed as a way to plug in numerous computer peripherals (monitor, printer, scanner, modem). A typical array of these devices doesn’t require a great deal of power (3-5 amps, 300-600 watts). However, many people make two major mistakes: they try to use RPTs as extension cords, or they plug in high-current devices to them, such as refrigerators, coffee pots, space heaters, microwave ovens and toasters.

  • Connect an RPT only to a permanent receptacle.
  • Do not connect RPTs in series or to an extension cord.
  • Use them only for their intended use, which should be listed on the instruction manual.
  • Avoid damage.
  • Keep them dry.
  • Don’t plug in heavy appliances.
  • Don’t use them outdoors or an construction sites.
  • Don’t permanently secure them to structures, tables, work benches or walls.
  • Don’t route them through walls, windows, ceilings or floors.
  • Don’t use them as a substitute for permanent wiring.

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