February 2010 Safety Tip


  • Shake out your clothing and shoes before you dress, and inspect bedding and towels before using.
  • Don't go barefoot or handle firewood without gloves.
  • Get rid of trash, old boxes, piles of lumber, old clothing, and other unwanted items. Eliminate cluttered areas in basements, closets, attics, and other outbuildings.
  • Dust and vacuum thoroughly and frequently around windows, corners in rooms, under furniture, and in storage areas to eliminate spiders, webs and egg sacs. Use a dust mop, broom and dust pan if needed.
  • Install screens on doors and windows.
  • Seal or caulk cracks and crevices where spiders can enter the house.
  • Wash off the outside of the house and roof eaves.
  • Use approved pesticides, but always read the label, and follow directions and precautions.