October 2013 Safety Tip

School Zone Safety


School Start in August “ Watch out for the Kids”.


With many kids either back at school or days away from going back- AAA has some important safety tips. Driving through a school zone can be dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers if safety isn't a priority.

AAA says when you drive through a school zone:

• at 10 miles an hour instead of 15- you are two-thirds less likely to strike and kill a pedestrian.
• You are also asked to stay focused and keep your eyes on what is coming up.
• Do not use your phone or change a radio station- that breaks your concentration.
• Plan ahead. This allows you to arrive at your destination on time by dealing better with unplanned events like a traffic back-up.
• Don't forget to stop for school buses on both sides of undivided roads while they drop off passengers.
• Watch out for people coming out of driveways.
• Watch for bike traffic.

And don't forget to obey all rules of the road.