July 2012 Safety Tip

Safety is a complex issue that often means different things to different people. How much risk is too much? Each of us decides and then acts based upon our own perceptions. One may be willing to climb on the top step of a ladder, thinking, “It’s only five seconds and I am confident I won’t fall.” One may be right 99 times out of 100, or even 999 times out of 1000, but what about that one time when things don’t go as expected? Is it still worth the risk?
Let’s put it in terms of water safety. If your children are safe around water 999 times out of 1000, is that an acceptable risk to you? How about 99 times out of 100? Sadly, every year in Arizona, nearly 35 children drown in home pools and many more have close calls. An unknown number of beloved family pets meet the same fate.
Safety Tips historically does not recommend specific products, but the critical importance of keeping employees and their families safe around water leads Safety Tips to an illustrative product like the “Safety Turtle” system. This system consists of a wristband with a turtle-shaped sensor that is worn on your child’s wrist or placed on your pet’s collar. Inside the house is a corresponding base unit. If the sensor gets wet, the base unit sounds an alarm – almost instantly. Multiple sensors can be used on the same base unit.

Safety is about reducing the risk that our employees face and if we can assist our employees in keeping their families safe as well, then all the better. You may be willing to climb on the top step of your ladder, but would you let your children do it? How much risk is acceptable? We all decide for ourselves. Please decide carefully.