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 Job Safety Analysis Library

The Safety Office is continually researching and obtaining information relating to occupational safety. Below are listed JSA's that have been done in the past. If you would like assistance in developing a JSA for any of the tasks associated with your job, please contact the Safety office at 602-506-8601.

The primary topics are listed below. By clicking on the topic desired, you will be directed to that particular set of JSA's.

Back Safety - 10 Grounds Maintenance - 200
Equipment - 300 Portable Tools - 500
Driving - 600 Workplace - 1000
Workplace - 7000

 Back Safety - 10
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10-64-001 Proper Lifting Technique
 Grounds Maintenance - 200
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200-64-001 Lawnmower Safety
200-64-002 Removing Debris & Trash
200-64-003 Hedge Trimming

 Equipment - 300
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300-64-001 High Pressure Rollers
300-64-002 Corner Punch
302-64-001 Loading Traffic Control Trucks
302-64-002 Truck Mounted Crane Operation
310-64-001 Paint Striper System
310-64-002 Paint Spheres Loading (Beads)
310-64-003 Paint Loading (Yellow or White)
318-64-001 Temporary Pothole Patching
318-64-002 Patching Potholes
331-64-001 Grade Dirt Shoulder

331-64-002 Dirt Road Maintenance Grader
331-64-003 Paved Road Shoulder Maintenance
Changing Grader Blades
340-64-001 Wood Chipper
 Portable Tools - 500
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500-64-001 Jackhammer
500-64-003 Hydraulic Jackhammer
500-64-002 Mechanical Anchor Pullers -Signs
500-64-004 Hydraulic Earth Auger
 Driving Safety - 600
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600-64-01 Parking MCDOT Vehicles Along Roadway
 Workplace Safety - 1000
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1000-64-001 Work Area Assessment
1000-64-002 Erecting Tents
1000-64-003 Tent Removal
1000-64-004 Work Zone
1000-64-005 Flagging
1000-64-006 Handling Sheet Metal
 Work Place Safety - 7000
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7000-001 Change Filters
7000-003 Electrical Hot Work

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