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Expedited -- Regulatory Adoption / Amendment Process
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If there is no opposition and the Citizen’s Board or Commission recommends approval of the item, the department may follow this Expedited process.

You can follow a rule through the steps in the Expedited process; see the steps below. Additionally, you can sign up to receive updates as rules or regulations progress through each step in the process by clicking on the icon to the right.

Step 1: County Manager Briefed Board of Supervisors
Step 2: Stakeholder Notification 2 Weeks Prior to Stakeholder Workshop
Step 3: Conduct Stakeholder Workshop
Step 4: Stakeholder Notification 2 Weeks Prior to Citizen’s Board or Commission
Step 5: Public Meeting to Initiate Regulatory Change
Step 6: Schedule BOS Public Hearing
Step 7: Board of Supervisors Public Hearing
Step 8: Item Adopted

The Transportation Department is committed to providing multiple opportunities for stakeholder input regarding the adoption and amendment of all regulatory requirements. In the event the Department fails to observe adoption procedures pertaining to Maricopa County’s Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program policy, citizens can submit a complaint. Click here.

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