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Private Burial


How is a private burial different from a burial coordinated by a funeral home

    There are occasions when loved ones seek to conduct a private burial. A private burial is when a responsible party chooses to handle the in-state transportation of a loved one’s remains and/or burial.


How to proceed with requesting to conduct a private burial

    In order to proceed lawfully with a private burial, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our Central Phoenix office or call and speak with one of our Deputy Local Registrars to obtain the required permit and plan the necessary registration of this important event

  2. At the appointment, we will assist you with: Verifying if all the required information and proper medical certification has been obtained, completing the Arizona Death Certificate Worksheet and prepare the Disposition Transit Permit needed before your loved one’s remains are transported to their final resting place

  3. Once this information has been completed and reviewed, a death certificate will be prepared and registered by our office

  4. Certified copies of this death certificate will be available for issuance to eligible applicants. In some cases, this may be ready the same day as the certificate is registered

  5. Please plan ahead and know you will need to provide information about the Decedent necessary to complete the Arizona Death Certificate Worksheet


Further questions or need assistance?

    Please visit or call 602-506-6805 and speak with one of our Deputy Local Registrars at the Central Phoenix office to set up an appointment to obtain a permit and prepare the registration of this certificate. We are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm to assist you.


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Four Locations:


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North Valley
2423 W. Dunlap Ave., Ste. 110
Phoenix, AZ 85021
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Central Valley
3221 N 16th St
Phoenix AZ 85016
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East Valley
4419 E Main St
Mesa AZ 85205
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West Valley
1850 N. 95th Ave.
Suite 182
Phoenix, AZ 85037
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Contact and Hours:

Ph: 602-506-6805
Hrs: 8:00am-4:30pm

Please arrive by 4:00pm



$20-Certified Copy
$5-Non certified copy (for Gov’t Agency use only)


Forms of Payment:
• Visa or MasterCard
• Money Order
• Cashier’s Check
• Cash
(in person ONLY)


How to Apply:
• In person
• By Mail
• Online (fees apply)