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Nutrition & Physical Activity

School Gardens

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Welcome to our School Garden Resource page! You will find an abundance of information in each of the categories below:

  • Planning Your School Garden will help you evaluate your resources and guide your preparation long before putting your shovel in the soil!

  • Grants come and go like the seasons; the link below will provide up-to-date grant information.

  • Is it okay to serve the food grown in the school garden to the children? Can the produce be used in the school lunch program? On the Food Safety Practices link, you will find out. You will also find "best practices" for keeping garden produce safe to eat.

  • The Garden Curricula resource page provides a list of curricula - some are free and downloadable!


Planning your School Garden
Grant Resources


Food Safety Practices for the School Garden
Garden Curricula


Arizona Vegetable Planting Calendars

Planting times and recommended garden soil amendments* differ from area to area. The planting calendars provided are designated for Maricopa County and the low desert climate. Check with your local Cooperative Extension office to obtain a planting calendar for your area and for information on how to best prepare your soil for planting.



*Soil amendments are components added to soil to promote and support plant life by changing the physical properties of the soil. Examples of amendments are compost and peat moss; amendments can add nutrients to the soil, but fertilizers are usually not referred to as soil amendments.

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Nutrition & Physical Activity



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