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Information for Schools

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Outbreak Reporting in Schools


Schools are required to report outbreaks of infectious diseases under Arizona Administrative Code A.A.C. R9-6-203 and ARS Title 36. To report an outbreak, please contact (602) 506-6767.


Outbreaks (more than 1 case) of the following diseases/conditions needs to be reported to your local health department:



Information on other conditions/diseases:




Important Forms and Templates


AZ Reportable Disease List (English)
Legal Justification Letter
Varicella (chickenpox) Report Form
Communicable Disease Reporting Form
Sanitation Education (English)
Hand Washing Education: English | Spanish
Specimen Collection Consent Forms: English | Spanish
Norovirus Fact Sheet: English | Spanish
Scabies Line List
Gastrointestinal Line List
Respiratory Line List
Generic Line List



Educational Resources


School Health Guide: Common Animal & Arthropod-borne Diseases

School Health Guide: Animal-related diseases

The ‘School Health Guide: Common Animal & Arthropod-borne Diseases’ is an online guide that provides information and guidance regarding common animal and arthropod-borne health issues that can be encountered on school campuses in Arizona. These issues range from bed bugs and head lice, to managing downed bats on campus and classroom pets. The guide is intended to be used by school health offices, facility managers and administrators, and it contains detailed information regarding signs and symptoms, exclusion policies, prevention and reporting requirements for selected diseases.


Campylobacteriosis Conjunctivitis Cryptosporidiosis Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting
E. coli H. influenza Hepatitis A Measles
Meningococcal disease Mumps Norovirus Pertussis
Rubella Salmonellosis Scabies Shigellosis
Streptococcal Group A Varicella Varicella Vaccine


Non-Reportable Diseases


Lice Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Influenza RSV
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