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Fee Schedule

The following fees are applicable for compensation to the Maricopa County Public Fiduciary pursuant to the provisions of A.R.S. § 14-5604:

  • Guardianships and Conservatorships of adults and minors;
  • Post Death Administration on Guardianship and Conservatorship cases.
  • Hourly Fee Services Provided:
    Fee Type Fee Amount
    Assigned Fiduciary Hourly Rate (billed at 1/10th increments) $85/hr
    Fiduciary Supervisor Hourly Rate (billed at 1/10th increments) $95/hr
    Fiduciary Director Hourly Rate (billed at 1/10th increments) $145/hr
    Benefits/Burial Advocacy Hourly Rate (billed at 1/10th increments) $55/hr
    Property Management (Non-Licensed Fiduciary) $60/hr
    Routine Bookkeeping/Tax Administration (4.0 hours per month) $85/hr
    Shopping (6.0 hours if Ward lives independently, 2.0 hours if Ward in facility) $25/hr
    Monthly Client Visit (one visit per month Ward or Protected Person) $85/hr
    Preparation of Convervator's Account and Budget (5.0 hours per year) $85/hr
    Preparation of Annual Guardianship Report $85/hr
    Marshaling of Assets/Preparation of Initial Inventory (80 hours) $85/hr

For more information regarding the Fee Schedule, click here.

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