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Contract Compliance

Public contracting is big business, involving billions in taxpayer dollars and impacting everything from local street resurfacing to the rebuilding of Iraq. Office of Procurement Services is committed to ensuring that all contracting activities conducted on behalf of Maricopa County are competed openly and fairly amongst as many vendors as required to obtain the best value, and to ensure that each vendor has an equal chance of doing business with Maricopa County.

The Contract Compliance Unit is tasked with the review of all Procurement Card activities and Contract payments on a county-wide basis to certify that taxpayer dollars are not being overspent. This is achieved:
  • Internally, by reviewing the purchasing patterns of our County Using Agencies
  • Externally, by reviewing invoicing and payment histories of our Contract vendors
In addition, the Contract Compliance Unit provides continuous training on procurement issues on an on-going basis, through:
  • One-on-one educational assistance with reconciliation, oversight and adjustment of procurement card purchases and contract expenditures
  • Quarterly training presentations on procurement “red flags” which enable over-billing schemes such as: conflicts of interest duplicate invoicing, appearance of impropriety, gifts from outside sources, non-competitive bidding or other unethical behavior.

If you suspect, or are aware of any potentially illegal procurement activities or unethical situation which may compromise the integrity of Maricopa County, please bring these issues directly to our attention so that they may be addressed.

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