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Competition Impracticable

The following is a list of Competition Impracticable Procurements under consideration by Maricopa County. The Board of Supervisors may Award a Contract for a Commodity or Service that is available from more than one vendor without competition based on written documentation submitted by the Using Agency that while the Commodity or Service is available from other sources, competition is impractical because of standardization, warranty, or other factors.

PUBLIC NOTICE- Comprehensive Early Care and Education Services

The Maricopa County Human Services Department, intends to ask the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to enter into Competition Impracticable contract (without formal bids) with the Contractor Bright Future Stars the purpose of providing Comprehensive Early Care and Education Services to Children aged 3 and 4 years who meet eligibility requirements for the Head Start program. Maricopa County does not believe that there are any other service providers that can provide the service in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations within the applicable service area in the East Valley, specifically Mesa.

The proposed contract requires Contractors to meet the Federal Rules and Regulation regarding the implementation of the Head Start program found here:

The Contractor shall ensure that children and families receive high quality care up to 10 hours per day, year-round. Contractor must provide a Teacher and Teacher Assistant that meet minimum qualifications for each Head Start classroom of no more than 20 children in each class. Contractors must have contracts with, and comply with the Federal Food Program (CACFP) and maintain a Child Care License with the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS). The Contractor must complete formal child development screening and ongoing assessment, implement a research-based curriculum at the direction of the County and participate in regular monitoring activities. Contractors must be DES certified and receive child care subsidies for at least 25% of the children enrolled in the Head Start classrooms. Contractors must meet minimum liability and professional insurance requirements as set by the County. Contractors must be able to provide birth(new born) to age five continuous services in the Head Start/Early Head Start model. If there are any Contractors/Providers within the service area that feel that they can provide these services they need to provide written notice to the Maricopa County Procurement Officer, Laura Ayala @ by the COB, Friday, September 30, 2016.
Laura Ayala
Maricopa County Office of Procurement Services
320 W. Lincoln St.
Phoenix , AZ , 85003

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