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Competition Impracticable

The following is a list of Competition Impracticable Procurements under consideration by Maricopa County. The Board of Supervisors may Award a Contract for a Commodity or Service that is available from more than one vendor without competition based on written documentation submitted by the Using Agency that while the Commodity or Service is available from other sources, competition is impractical because of standardization, warranty, or other factors.

Maricopa County intends to award a contract for the purchase of telecommunications equipment that will provide the County with advanced and adaptive communications capabilities. This system will be deployed by County personnel in support of investigations and will allow the County to coordinate their operations with the complexities of the ever-changing technologies and environments. This equipment is and its capabilities are law enforcement sensitive and can only be discussed with sworn law enforcement officers, or federal government agencies. The equipment and their capabilities, in whole or in part, are protected under non-disclosure agreements and federal law. Unless another vendor demonstrates such a capability and contacts the buyer listed below by the County will proceed with this award.

Joe Guy
Maricopa County Office of Procurement Services
320 W. Lincoln St.
Phoenix , AZ , 85003

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