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County Temporarily Suspends Permits Around Luke Air Force Ba

County Temporarily Suspends Permits Around Luke Air Force Base and its Auxiliary Fields

(August 20,2008)  The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors today implemented a temporary suspension of issuance of building permits around Luke Air Force Base and its Auxiliary Fields.

“Now that the Attorney General has taken legal action, it’s our hope that this issue can be decided once and for all by the court in a manner that protects the base, the affected property owners and the taxpayers of Maricopa County,” said Supervisor Max Wilson, whose jurisdictional District 4 encompasses the base.  “This temporary suspension ensures that the status quo is maintained while the litigation is in process.”

Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox stated, “The suspension is long overdue and it is my hope that the courts resolve this issue and that the suspension is made permanent.  Luke Air Force Base must be saved.”

The specific language of the Board’s action is as follows:


Approve a temporary suspension of the issuance of building permits in the “Clear Zone”,

“APZ 1”, “APZ2” and the “80-85 LDN Noise Contour” adjacent to Luke Air Force

Base, Auxiliary Field One, and Auxiliary Field in Gila Bend.  This action is being taken to preserve the status quo while litigation is in process and will remain in effect throughout the duration of the litigation or until further action by the Board of Supervisors.



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