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Air Quality Accepts Annual Fees Online

PHOENIX - Effective immediately Maricopa County residents and businesses are now provided the opportunity to pay annual permit-related administrative fees and hourly charges for permit review, online with a credit or debit card.

By providing 24/7 online payment, there will be an increase in convenience for customers by reducing travel time and costs.  This furthers our goal to improve air quality by eliminating the need to drive to county offices.


"This improvement adds greater efficiency to our permitting process,” Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri said. “Businesses and residents are used to shopping, renewing vehicle registrations and doing a variety of business transactions online.  It makes perfect sense that Maricopa County plays a role in this regard for added convenience and reduced paperwork.”


This new service will be applicable to payment for general, non-Title V, and Title V permits. There are approximately 4,500 business owners in Maricopa County who must pay for engineer’s hours and administrative fees on an annual basis. These permits make up roughly half of the transactions that Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) processes.  A transaction that previously required up to 10 minutes can now be reduced to less than a minute by cutting the number of steps from six to one. 


“I’m all for adding convenience and customer service to our regulatory services,” Supervisor Clint Hickman said. “This will also make our employees’ work more efficient and transparent.”

By accepting these fees online MCAQD will be creating a significant process improvement that will benefit the public and the department by freeing up time and resources to enhance the customer experience.  This project ties directly to the Board of Supervisors’ mission of ensuring fiscally responsible departments that make it easier for our residents to do business in Maricopa County.


“Maricopa County is committed to continually improving customer service and making it easier for our residents to do business with our county entities,” Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Chairman Denny Barney said. “This process improvement will add greater convenience for residents and is another good step in our regulatory reform effort.” 

If interested in accessing the online submittal portal click on the following link.

For more information contact Wyatt Sterusky, at (602) 506-5542.


About Maricopa County Air Quality Department


The Maricopa County Air Quality Department is a regulatory agency whose goal is to ensure federal clean air standards are achieved and maintained for the residents and visitors of Maricopa County. The department is governed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and follows air quality standards set forth by the federal Clean Air Act.


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