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Keep Pets Safe During Monsoon Storms

(Phoenix, July 16, 2013) – High humidity, blowing winds and crashing thunder are usually signs that the monsoon season has arrived. While the storms and rain may be a welcome time for some, they can be a source of distress for pets

- Keep pets indoors. Loud thunder and blowing winds can scare even the calmest of pets. It is not unusual for dogs to jump over or dig under fences in an attempt to escape during violent storms.

- Create a safe place. A spare bedroom or extra bathroom is a great place to keep pets until the storm passes. Be sure to include bedding, food, water, a few favorite toys and litter box for cats. If possible, find a room without windows. You can also turn on a radio to help drown out the sound of the storm.

- Distract your dog! If your dog is beginning to get anxious, try engaging her in any activity that will capture her attention. Practice basic commands or play fetch and be sure to offer lots of praise. If she begins to lose interest, stop the process and move her to her safe place.

- Don’t punish your pet for being afraid and don’t try to force them to experience the sound. Behave normally; don’t reassure, soothe or give treats to your dog when she is afraid (this may reinforce her behavior).

- Most importantly, make sure your dog is licensed! It’s not just the law -- found dogs with a license can be easily identified and quickly reunited with their owner. Cats do not need to be licensed, but should have current identification tags and/or microchip.

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control is a full service animal welfare agency with shelter, adoptions, field services, licensing and education programs. Our mission is to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of people and pets in Maricopa County.


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