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New Dust Compliance Tool Available Online

After an extensive collaborative effort between the Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) and the Arizona Rock Products Association (ARPA) a new dust control guide has been published and is now available.


“This manual is an easy to use reference tool with clear, real-world applications for use in the field,” Maricopa County Director Bill Wiley said. “This guide will assist those regulated under Rule 316 in complying with applicable regulations and helping to keep our air clean.”


The 58-page guide is designed to give companies in the rock products industry an easy-to-use roadmap to achieve compliance with current dust control regulations. The Rule 316 Nonmetallic Mineral Processing Handbook is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the department’s Rule 316, which establishes standards for industry compliance and dust control.


It offers helpful guidance for the most commonly encountered compliance challenges in the rock products industry. 


“This handbook will provide a much needed resource to better understand companies’ obligations and help achieve full compliance,” ARPA Executive Director Steve Trussell said. “This opportunity to develop the handbook in conjunction with Maricopa County Air Quality Department and representatives from the association’s 38 aggregate producing members shows that both entities are committed to improving our air quality.”


The Rule 316 handbook is the second dust handbook Maricopa County Air Quality has produced. The Dust Abatement Handbook for Compliance with Rule 310-Fugitive Dust from Dust-Generating Operations and accompanying Field Guide was issued March 2010. The Rule 310 Handbook has garnered such awards as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] Clean Air Excellence Awards and a National Association of Environmental Professionals Award. 


The 316 Rule Handbook is available on the Maricopa County Air Quality Department’s website at


Interested businesses may direct additional questions about the Rule 316 handbook to the department’s Small Business Assistance Manager Ken Hooker at 602-506-5102.




About Arizona Rock Products Association

The Arizona Rock Products Association enhances, protects and preserves the long-term interests of the rock products industry through technical expertise, safety, environmental awareness, and an active involvement in the legislative, regulatory and political process.


During its 55 years of existence, ARPA has been providing representation for more than 38 member companies involved with the production of aggregates, asphaltic concrete, ready mix concrete, asphalt, lime products, and Portland cement.  ARPA members include more than 52 associate members providing related transportation, contracting, and consulting services.


About Maricopa County Air Quality Department  

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department is a regulatory agency whose goal is to ensure federal clean air standards are achieved and maintained for the residents and visitors of Maricopa County. The department is governed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and follows air quality standards set forth by the federal Clean Air Act.


The department offers air quality information and resources on its Clean Air Make More website.  Visit to learn more.


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