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Supervisor Wilcox defends county election performance

Supervisor Wilcox defends county election performance

Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox today recognized the work and performance of the county elections department in tabulating the huge number of provisional ballots and said she would support an extension of the time deadline for having them complete their work.

"County Recorder Helen Purcell and Elections Director Karen Osborne have had a very hard job with so many provisional ballots this year. They have done an outstanding job, hiring more people," Wilcox said today at the Board of Supervisors formal meeting.

Wilcox said she understands and sympathizes with people questioning the vote count. "People always have concerns about having their votes counted," she said. "Everyone must be assured that their votes count and will be counted no matter how long it takes."

Arizona's vote count process has been overwhelmed by an estimated 400,000 early ballots turned in on election day and by more than 172,000 provisional ballots that had to be reviewed to see if they can be counted. The bulk of these were in Maricopa County, the state’s largest.

As of late Wednesday, an additional 18,832 early ballots and 8,489 provisional ballots (cast at the polling place on election day) were tabulated today. County election officials estimate that 27,000 early ballots still must be tabulated and approximately 114,000 provisional ballots remain to be processed then tabulated.

Wilcox said Maricopa County should be allowed to continue counting votes beyond the Nov. 16 deadline and will ask her fellow supervisors to ask Secretary of State Ken Bennett for an extension given the heavy volume of work.


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