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Max Wilson Remember 9-11

Max Wilson Remember 9-11

In the minutes immediately after the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Maricopa County Supervisor Max W. Wilson called his four daughters and eight grandchildren to the Litchfield Park home he shares with his wife Judy.

I wanted to call a family meeting, explain to them what was going to happen, what it would mean to the country, and to them. The United States had been attacked. All the planes across the country had been grounded and flights cancelled. We would still have to do our work, go to school, but the nation would be at war.

Just a few minutes later, Wilson’s daughter Shannon, by then a young mother, came running in to the kitchen from outside. “Dad, there’s an airplane out there in the sky," she screamed.

Wilson took her hand and they went outside. He recognized the plane as an F-16, on a mission from Luke Air Force Base, protecting Arizona skies, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, Luke Air Force Base and other strategic facilities. “Honey, that’s one of ours. It’s in the sky. We are safe,” Wilson told her. And as an Air Force veteran, he was confident and proud we have Luke her to defend us.

"September 11 was a sad day, but an important one. It reminds us of what matters most, family and country."


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