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Supervisors Approve $1.1M for Miller Rd Bridge Improvements

County Supervisors Approve $1.1 Million for Miller Road Bridge Improvements

Buckeye, AZ--- Maricopa County Supervisors have approved the funding of a $1.1 million roadway and bridge reconstruction project in Buckeye.

“Both the current Miller Road bridge and BWCDD canal, originally constructed in 1979, are in need of repair and maintenance. And looking ahead, this project will ensure Buckeye’s ability to widen Miller Road to a five-lane roadway in the future to accommodate increased traffic when area growth and development get back on track,” said Max Wilson, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

The County, in exchange for Buckeye’s annexation of this portion of Miller Road, is picking up the tab on all project design and construction costs.

The County project consists of replacing the existing Miller Road bridge over the Buckeye Water Conservation and Drainage District Canal (BWCDD) just north of MC 85, and adjusting the road and bridge profile to accommodate a future five-lane road. A new concrete canal lining will also be installed adjacent to the bridge. The foundations of an earlier bridge, located under the current bridge, will also be removed during new bridge construction. Construction is currently scheduled for fall 2013, according to County officials.

More County, Buckeye Partnerships

In June, County Supervisors passed a measure outlining provisions for the future operation and maintenance of the new traffic signal at the intersection of Indian School Road and Pioneer Drive in Buckeye’s Verrado community.

The June intergovernmental agreement between the Town of Buckeye and Maricopa County allowed for the design and construction of the new traffic signal by Buckeye and Verrado developer DMB Associates based upon the additional traffic associated with increased student enrollment at Verrado High School.

"We are very pleased with this partnership. The new signal and school zone flashers will help to improve traffic safety at an intersection with a large number of younger drivers. This is another example of the great partnership between the Town and County in the interest of public safety," said Chairman Max Wilson, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

The north half of the intersection resides within Buckeye town limits and the south half of the intersection lies within the County’s jurisdiction. The Town of Buckeye requested that the County allow the Town to install and maintain the traffic signal including school speed zone flasher lights and additional roadway signage adjacent to Verrado High School.

Similar to the Miller Road bridge agreement, this agreement called for Buckeye to perform all future maintenance on the new traffic light and school zone improvements within County jurisdiction and cover all operational costs.

Last March, County Supervisors passed two other agreements with Buckeye calling for the funding of $446,000 in Buckeye roadway improvements that include the design and construction of traffic signals at the intersection of MC85 and Miller Road and at the intersection of Baseline Road and Miller Road.

“Because of current economic conditions, Town of Buckeye officials asked the County to take on the full $225,000 cost of installing a new traffic signal at MC85 and Miller Road,” said Wilson.

The County’s commitment toward the design and construction of this traffic safety project was originally capped at $150,000 according to a 2005 agreement. In lieu of their previous financial commitment, the Town agreed to annex the portion of Miller Road between Southern Avenue and Beloat Road. “Public safety comes first. We believe this is a fair exchange to the original agreement under the circumstances,” said Wilson.

As part of the exchange, the County is also contributing $96,000 to bring the segment of Miller Road being annexed by Buckeye up to the town’s current roadway design standards, bringing the County’s total financial participation toward the MC85 and Miller Road improvements to $321,000. “The County feels that this is also a legitimate request, as the County would have spent this much money improving the road over the next 24 months anyway,” added Wilson.

During the same March board meeting, County Supervisors also approved Buckeye’s request for a third public safety project wherein the County agreed to partner with the Town in the design and installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Baseline Road and Miller Road.

The intersection meets criteria for a traffic light according to County traffic engineers and three legs of the intersection belong to the Town with one leg of the intersection residing within the County’s jurisdiction.

Per the agreement, the County is contributing $125,000 toward signal design and construction and Buckeye will again pick up the remaining costs and takeover all future operation and maintenance of the intersection by way of annexation.



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