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Chihuahuas De Mayo - The Whole Enchihuahua!

(Phoenix, May 4, 2012) April showers bring May flowers, but this year, May has also brought Chihuahuas! Thanks to the popularity of this endearing breed, Chihuahuas are entering animal shelters in record numbers.


Maricopa County Animal Care & Control is celebrating “Chihuahuas De Mayo” with a month long promotion of “The Whole Enchihuahua” at all MCACC locations. From May 5th through May 31st, all Chihuahuas, Chihuahua mixes, and other small breeds under 20 lbs and over 3 months of age are only $5.00 to adopt, plus $17 dog license fee.


The cute factor and their appearance in numerous movies and commercials have driven Chihuahuas to pop icon status. Who can resist these expressive, round-eyed, I-can-fit-in-your-purse dogs? Unfortunately, many can’t resist, but aren’t prepared to deal with the commitment once the impulse has worn off.


Chihuahuas may appear to be very low maintenance, but they are renowned for their longevity and may live into their late teens. They are more susceptible to certain health issues such as knee problems, dental issues, and some eye conditions. Regular vet care is a necessity. Many Chihuahuas are outgoing and social with everyone they meet, but some are not. All of these factors should be considered BEFORE you bring a new pet home, no matter what the breed.


Want to help save more lives? Please consider helping another Chihuahua by donating $5.00 when you are adopting, or if you are unable to adopt. Spay or neuter your pets and help us lower the number of homeless animals in Maricopa County. Keep your dogs licensed; if the unthinkable ever happens and your pet is lost, his or her Maricopa County dog license is a “free ride home”. Want to volunteer, or foster a pet in need? Visit our website or stop by the shelter for more information!


Max Wilson, Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the proud owner of an adopted dog from MCACC, urges the community to think about adoption. “Dogs and cats have so much love to offer. They make great companions,” he said.  “You will also be saving a life when you adopt from a shelter.”

For adoption hours and locations, or more information on MCACC, visit or call (602) 506-7387.



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