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Supervisors approve automated cash handling process for jail

For Immediate Release

Supervisors approve automated cash handling process for jails

Cash handling of inmates’ funds at Maricopa County jails will now be automated under a program approved this week by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

Under the new system, newly detained persons would deposit their cash into automated kiosks at the county’s jails. The money would go into the detainees’ personal inmate accounts. The system would also allow friends and family to deposit additional monies into inmate accounts via the internet or at kiosks located at retailers throughout the Valley. Upon release from jail, they would be issued debit-like cards with their account balances that can be used at retail outlets.

Officials from the county Office of Management and Budget believe the system will provide for greater transparency, security, efficiency and monitoring of inmate funds, as well as provide additional revenues, an estimated $250,000 annually, for the county.

Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox praised county budgeters for pushing the improvement and the contract with Touch Pay Holdings. "There were concerns raised over the cash handling of inmates’ accounts," Wilcox said. "This will eliminate the uncertainty and problems that come with employees handling cash. This can be a model for other departments down the line."


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